Benefits of Winter Tires

All season tires are designed for both winter and summer components, why not just use all seasons, you ask?


When roads become covered in snow and ice, winter tires are undeniably better then all season tires. The soft rubber is designed to specifically allow for a better grip during winter conditions. Winter tires offer both a unique tread and are made of a flexible rubber compound that are best used while driving in snow, ice, slush and cold temperatures. Many accidents we see during the winter months are caused due to skidding and other similar accidents when the driver has lost control of their vehicles traction. Traction loss causes wheels to lock up on icy roads and often causes accidents. 

Winter tires are specifically designed for just that; winter. The specialized tread and rubber compound used to make winter tires are designed with icy roads and freezing temperatures in mind. All season and summer performance tires begin to become very hard when the temperatures get as low as 7 degrees Celsius.

Winter tires should only be installed in complete sets of 4 tires.