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Dashboard Symbols and What They Mean

A Guide to Your Car's Dashboard Symbols & What They Mean

Dashboard Symbols and What They Mean

Dashboard symbols serve a major role in the functioning of your vehicle. They communicate issues with the car and inform you if there's a problem. At Castle Honda, we strive to keep you safe on the road. Here's what the different dashboard symbols mean and what to do when they illuminate.

Types of Car Dashboard Symbols

Some of the symbols that will light up on your dashboard will be of concern. These act as a warning, are usually illuminated in orange or yellow, and signify that your vehicle needs to be serviced or repaired soon. Green or blue lights have to do with a vehicle's feature and simply let you know that a system is on or operating, such as cruise control or exterior lights. The most urgent dashboard symbols are those that are flashing or light up in red. Red and/or flashing lights indicate mechanical issues and an emergency that is occurring at the moment, such as an overheating engine.

What Are the Most Common Dashboard Warning Lights?

You can expect to see the below dashboard symbols most frequently.

    Oil Pressure Warning
    Oil Pressure Warning:

    This indicates that the oil level is too low in the engine.

    Tire Pressure Warning
    Tire Pressure Warning:

    One of the tires is either over or under-inflated. Visit our Tire Centre for accurate tire pressure fill to avoid a flat tire or, worse, a tire blowout.

    Engine Temperature Warning

    Engine Temperature Warning:

    The temperature in the engine is too high and maybe overheating.

    Low Fuel Indicator

    Low Fuel Indicator:

    A warning your vehicle's fuel is low, and you need to refill.

    Airbag Indicator

    Airbag Indicator:

    This is a red alert and means something is wrong with the airbag, and it may not deploy.

    Washer Fluid Indicator

    Washer Fluid Indicator:

    This indicates your window washer fluid is low and should be refilled.

    Traction Control

    Traction Control:

    This indicates that this safety feature is engaged and helps prevent your car from sliding on slippery roads

    Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) WarningAnti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Warning:

    Warns you that the system has been deactivated because of an error. A wheel could lock up, and the vehicle could spin out.

    Check Engine Warning

    Engine Warning (Check Engine):

    Schedule an appointment at our Service Centre when you see this symbol light up.

    Battery Alert

    Battery Alert:

    This light usually indicates a fault in the electrical system or a major issue with the battery.

    Contact Castle Honda!

    If a dashboard symbol lights up, bring it over to our expert Service Centre for an inspection. Contact us to schedule a vehicle service in Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, or Toronto in Ontario, today.

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