We will be closed on May 20th and will return to our regular hours on May 21st, 2024. Happy Victoria Day! Learn More

We will be closed on May 20th and will return to our regular hours on May 21st, 2024. Happy Victoria Day! Learn More

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Get Your CR-V Winter Friendly

Snow, sludge, salt, and ice are going to become an everyday occurrence while you're driving around in your CR-V. You may be wondering what exactly you're going to need to get your ride outfitted for the cold months ahead; Castle Honda has a large team of certified professionals that will work with you to get your CR-V ready to go for the winter. We have access to all the major brand names in winter tires and will put our expertise to work for you. Whatever you need - Castle Honda can help you find it.

Snow has a way of keeping people locked up for the winter, but this season, allow yourself to break free from the bonds of ice and snow. Your CR-V was made for you to get out and enjoy the world, and the right winter tires will ensure that you can get there safely. With the help of our user friendly website, or by simply speaking to one of our staff, we can help you find winter tires that will allow you to roll over the ice with ease. Enjoy all the winter activities that you love in your CR-V, knowing that your winter tires can carry you there reliably. Castle Honda offers major brand names such as Uniroyal, Michelin, and Firestone that have spent years developing their winter tire technology. With winter tires, your CR-V will respond like never before as you drive down the icy roads.

The winter tires that you select from our wide array of stock will help to increase your CR-V's performance and safety, but what are the right winter tires for your CR-V? With the help of Castle Honda's certified professionals you can find the winter tire's that will best fit your needs. Major brand names such as Michelin were designed to give you performance and safety in ice-cold temperatures. The specialized rubber will keep its elasticity while frozen which will enable your CR-V to make turns and avoid obstacles more easily. With the help of new and improved tread designs you will get less snowy build-up on your tires which will give you increased stopping power. Getting your CR-V moving more easily and stopping more effectively will translate to more safety for you and your passengers this winter season.

There has never been a better time for you to buy winter tires from Castle Honda. Major brand name manufacturers are offering you rebates on winter tires giving you major savings. If you need a place to keep your all-season tires when you're not using them, we have deals on tire storage that will save you time, space and hassle. Our friendly,knowledgeable team would be happy to tell you all the saving and options available to you through Castle Honda. You can always feel free to call us or book a service appointment through our website. Castle Honda will insure that you receive fast, friendly service that will leave you informed and satisfied about your winter tire purchase.