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We will be closed on May 20th and will return to our regular hours on May 21st, 2024. Happy Victoria Day! Learn More

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Honda Engine Advantage

Experience That Keeps Us Going

The Honda name is world-renowned because of the quality of drive and safety confidence reputation it has rightly earned over many years. The Honda engine was born on the racetracks and perfected for city streets similar to those found in Etobicoke, Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, and Bolton. When you choose a new or used Honda vehicle, from Castle Honda, you choose an engine powered by Honda. An engine you can count on now and for several years and thousands of kilometres to come.

Honda Engine Performance

The Honda engine delivers exceptional fuel efficiency, high power output, quiet performance, and ease of use. So what sets Honda apart from other manufacturers? Brilliant engineering and technology. Honda engines are designed, engineered, and built like no other.

Honda Engine Technology

Honda engines offer a diverse set of advanced features for durability, performance, and high quality. Below are only a few features, benefits, and the Honda models showcasing each feature.

  • Automatic Mechanical De-Compression System - Reduces compression by opening the exhaust valve when the engine is started. The benefit of this feature is easy starting and is found in all models.
  • Variable Timing CDI Ignition - Allows optimal ignition timing based on engine speed. The results are excellent starting, high power output, reduced fuel consumption, and outstanding emissions performance. This feature is found on the GX270-390 and V-twin.
  • Oil Alert - Helps prevent engine seizure due to low oil conditions, which results in improved reliability. This feature is included in the GX and V-twin models.
  • Integrated Cylinder and Head - For improved reliability and combustion is a result of integrating the cylinder and head into one unit. It eliminates the head bolts, head gasket, and allows for more airflow and better cooling in the V-twin model.

For more Honda engine technology features and benefits, contact us.

Renowned Reliability and Quality

Honda sets the standard for hard-working, reliable engines. Honda engines are built with quality components designed for excellent performance in the severest surroundings. Don't just take our word for it. Ask a Honda engine owner. The next time you see a landscape truck, visit a rental centre, or when you come in for your scheduled service appointment at Castle Honda, you'll probably see a Honda engine-powered equipment. Stop and ask what they have to say about their Honda engine. We are willing to bet they tell you they wouldn't use anything else.

Environmental focus

Honda engines are fully compliant with Canadian environmental and engineering standards. Most Honda engines meet the most stringent global standards, including EPA, and CARB tier 3 Standards.

Legendary Easy Starting

Honda engines are known for easy starting, each and every time. From heavy-duty recoil ropes to our exclusive automatic mechanical decompression system, to more progressive variable ignition timing, Honda engines are crafted with quick, easy starts in mind.

Canada-Wide Parts and Service Support

Honda appreciates the importance of getting you back to work swiftly. That is why Honda Canada has built a vast nationwide support network of over 2,000 Honda Service Dealers, which includes Castle Honda. From parts to service, we are here to assist you when you need it. Visit our Service Centre today.

Honda - The Superior Choice for Manufacturers

Honda engines are the superior choice for manufacturers worldwide. Hundreds of OEMs trust the Honda name to power their products, so why would you choose anything other than a Honda?