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How to Use your Honda Smart-Key

How to use your Honda smart key
How to use your Honda smart key

How To Use Honda Smart Entry System

It is always fun and exciting to explore new technologies that make our daily lives just a little bit easier. In today's world, we are always on the go, from work meetings to school recitals, we depend on our vehicles to get us where we need to go. Now, we already know that new and used Honda's are built durable, reliable, and versatile, but are you aware of all of Honda's convenience features that can help make our day seem effortless. Our Honda experts at Castle Honda want to show you how to use the Honda Smart Entry System, which makes getting in and out of your Honda a breeze.

What Is the Honda Smart Entry System

With the Honda Smart Entry System, drivers can unlock, drive and then relock your vehicle without touching a key. When holding onto your remote key fob and you're within 32 inches of your car, you can unlock your car door by merely grabbing the inside of the car door handle. If you are wearing gloves, the sensors might not work to unlock and open the door or could have a slower response time to unlock. It is important to keep in mind that the range of the remote to the vehicle needed to unlock can vary, as radio signals from devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets can affect the remote's range.

When exiting the vehicle, drivers can lock their doors back up by touching the black button found on the door handle, or the ridges on top of the handle. If you accidentally leave your remote key fob in the car, the doors won't lock until it has been removed to prevent lockout.

Honda owners can also set up the Walk Away Auto Lock feature through the settings option on the infotainment system. When all of the doors are closed, and you have the remote with you, your car will beep once you exit the vehicle and lock the doors once you walk more than 8 feet away. If you hear rapid beeps, this is an indication that your car is not locked. This may happen if a door is not closed correctly.

Want More Information on Honda Smart Entry?

If you require more information on Honda Smart Entry or any other Honda features, contact us or schedule an appointment with our Service Centre.