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Road Departure Mitigation | Honda Safety Features

Road Departure Mitigation in Honda

When driving any vehicle, keeping your eyes on the road is very important. It is crucial for your safety and the protection of your passengers and others on the road. Honda understands the importance of vehicle safety and recognizes that distractions happen, which may cause an unfortunate accident. That is why Honda has engineered Road Departure Mitigation into its Honda Sensing technologies.

Honda Sensing is a driver support system that employs two kinds of devices. A front sensor camera mounted to the windshield behind the rearview mirror and a radar sensor set at the lower portion of the front bumper. Honda Sensing has functions that include Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow, Lane-Keeping Assist System, Traffic Sign Recognition System, Collision Mitigation Braking System, and Road Departure Mitigation System.

What Is Road Departure Mitigation System?

It is a Honda safety feature that alerts and helps the driver when the system senses a possibility of your car unintentionally crossing over detected lane markings and/or leaving the road altogether. It provides a second set of eyes on the road when you need it most. It can help prevent accidents from occurring by keeping you in your intended lane while travelling between approximately 75-145 km/hr.

How Does the Road Departure Mitigation System Work?

Suppose your vehicle is getting too close to detected lane markings without a turn signal activated. In that case, the system, in addition to a visual warning, applies steering torque and alarms you with quick vibrations on the steering wheel to help you stay within your detected lane.

If the system governs that its steering input is inadequate to keep your vehicle on the road, it may apply braking. The system stops assisting operations when you turn the steering wheel to avoid crossing over detected lane markings. If the system operates several times without recognizing driver response, it will beep to alert you. Like all assistance systems, the Honda RDM system has limitations. It is always your responsibility to operate your vehicle safely and keep the car within your driving lane.

Turning the Road Departure Mitigation On and Off

Press the safety support switch, typically found on the Honda steering wheel. Reel the left selector wheel to the RDM symbol and depress. The message emerges on the driver information interface when the system is engaged on or off. It is important to remember the RDM is in the previously selected ON or OFF setting each time you start the power system.

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