Service Specials

Don’t get caught slipping without winter tires!

Our Service Advisors will assist you in creating a winter tire package catered to your vehicle.

Winter Specials starting from $109.88*

4 Cyl for $109.88 (Regular Price: $139.99) 6 Cyl for $119.88 (Regular Price: $149.99)

Tire Swap & Balance + Brake Inspection Special $59.88

Regular Price: $69.99

Wheel Alignment Special $122.88

Regular Price: $134.99

Coolant Replacement Special $108.88

Regular Price: $125.99

Drive Now, Pay Later! Service Payment Plans Available.

Speak to your Service Advisor for more details.

How does it work?

When the reactive, wireless unit plugs directly into the vehicle's OBDii Port, it immediately connects to the vehicle's computer brain and electrical system. It safely utilizes the vehicle's power system to deliver electronically controlled low voltage to the entire metal structure of the vehicle. The unit monitors the flow of free electrons in the metal and provides the right amount of current to stabilize the electrochemical corrosion process. The first of its kind, the new DK Wireless C.P.U. eliminates the need for ugly wires.

*Special pricing available for a limited time, call to reserve yours NOW!*