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We will be closed on May 20th and will return to our regular hours on May 21st, 2024. Happy Victoria Day! Learn More

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Windshield Repair Protection

Windshield Repair Protection | Honda Warranty

Windshield Repair Protection Plan, Honda Warranty

You may not give your windshield a lot of thought, but Honda windshield protection and warranty are essential. There is only one object between you, your line of sight, and the road ahead, and that is your windshield. You're ability to see the road ahead, other traffic, pedestrians, and immediate hazards, is necessary to keep you and your passengers safe.

Your windshield also provides an armour from severe weather and damage resulting from road debris. Without proper protection for your windshield, its structural integrity may become compromised. In the instance of a crash or roll-over, the windshield helps support the roof, protects you from being expelled from the vehicle, and can also help airbags deploy accurately.

What Does Honda Windshield Repair Protection Include?

When leasing or financing your new Honda from Castle Honda, be sure to ask our Honda experts about Windshield Repair Protection and Honda Plus Owner Comfort Warranty plans. With the Honda Windshield Repair Protection, you will receive peace of mind knowing that chips and cracks will be taken care of without any cost to you. Our authorized Honda Service Centre repair chips and crack up to 2-inches right away to stop it from increasing in size. And not just once. We will fix it every time it happens. If the chip is larger than 2-inches, we will pay up to $500 towards your vehicle insurance deductible.

Castle Honda Service Centre in Etobicoke

As an authorized Honda dealer in Etobicoke, our Service Centre has passed Honda's strict testing and is certified to complete repairs covered by your Honda warranty. We only utilize genuine Honda parts and accessories for all service and repairs, so that you can continue to enjoy your Honda drive, in it's original Honda form. Schedule your service appointment today.

When Should You Have Your Windshield Inspected By a Castle Honda Technician?

If you recognize any of the signs listed below, we recommend you schedule a service appointment at Castle Honda to have your windshield inspected by a Honda expert.

  • Obstruction of view. Cracks that resemble a spider web can obscure your vision, mainly in severe weather conditions. Your ability to drive safely depends on an unobstructed view of the road ahead.
  • Evidence of pitting. Flying rubble, including small sharp rocks, can form small pits in your windshield. These tiny pits reflect light, making it difficult for the driver to see clearly.
  • White haze around the windshield. If you spot a white fog around the edges of the windshield, the plastic may be beginning to detach from the glass. This plastic ensures the windshield shatters as designed, reducing injury in the event of a collision.
  • Any part of your windshield is missing. Do not tape or tarp any portion of your windshield. If you continue to drive without replacement, you may be risking your safety and possibly cause alignment issues during replacement.

Honda Plus Warranty Coverage, Terms, and MSRP

Lost, stolen or damaged key fob replaced at any Honda dealer in Canada including reprogramming

Minor windshield cracks and chips

Minor dents and dings up to 2-inches if repairable by PDR process

Repair to interior seats from rips, tears, and burns

24 months


30 months


36 months


40 months


48 months


60 months


72 months


84 months


Warranty Coverage and Repairs at Castle Honda

As an authorized Honda dealer in Etobicoke, we are certified to service and repair your Honda windshield, regardless of where your Honda was purchased. As an authorized dealer, we are obligated to protect your available warranty by only using Genuine Honda parts for repairs and employing Honda factory-trained technicians.

Contact Castle Honda

All Honda consumers in Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, and Bolton, are welcome to schedule any Honda service with us. We will honour your Honda warranty and provide exceptional customer and car care. If you have any questions about your Honda Windshield Repair Warranty or your Honda Plus Owners Comfort Warranty, contact us.